Q. Where are you located?
A. Wind’s Will is located midcoast Maine specifically at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard or Linekin Bay Resort during the sailing season.

Q. Where do I meet the boat to go out sailing?
A. Captain Stanley can bring the boat to you. Just let him know where you are staying and he can give you directions to a good dock to meet up at. Docks of choice are Boothbay Harbor Shipyard or Linekin Bay Resort but he will take Wind’s Will to any dock that is convenient for you and is reasonably nearby.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Wear whatever you were going to wear outside and have an extra layer on hand. Its a little cooler on the water than it is inland, you’ll also be on a moving vessel so expect some breeze. Sunglasses and a hat with a chin band are a big plus. Most importantly, wear sunscreen.

Q. What if I get hungry or thirsty?
A. Snacks and beverages are provided. An assortment of sodas and bottle waters are complimentary; as well as warm tea, coffee and cocoa for cool mornings or days. Snacks served on board will reflect what time of day you have chosen to sail. Think muffins and pastries for sunrise or fruit, crackers and cheese for afternoon or evening. Captain Stanley believes it can’t be called yachting without snacks.

Q. I have a food allergy. Can I still have a complimentary snack
Yes you can. Snacks are usually purchased the day before your charter.  A minimum 24 hour notice is necessary for any change in snacks.

Q. Can I bring my own food?
A. Please, bring anything you want.

Q. Can I bring adult beverages?
A. Yes, bring any beverages you like.

Q. Does Wind’s Will have a refrigerator on board?
A. No she does not. However there is an icebox that is filled with ice. It works just as well for keeping food and drinks cold.

Q. Is there a restroom aboard?
A. Yes, there is a marine toilet on Wind’s Will called the “head.” Of course you are allowed to use the head at anytime.  However, if possible it is best to use the toilet on land before heading out.

Q. Will we see any whales?
A. Maybe, some guests get fantastic whale encounters. Whale sightings are fairly rare which makes them even more special.

Q. What wildlife are we likely to see?
A. It is very likely that you will see seals, porpoises, puffins, osprey, lobstermen (just kidding), terns and gulls just to name a few of the usual suspects. The Maine coast is a very bio-diverse area so you will always see some sort of wildlife.

Q. I’m interested in an overnight sail. How many people does Wind’s Will sleep?
A. That depends on how close you are to your friends and family. There is plenty of room for 4 overnight guests.

Q. I have so many questions can you please answer them?
A. Feel free to use the contact tab and Captain Stanley will do his best to answer any questions you have. Or E-mail Captain Stanley or call (207) 350-1606.