Reviews from our Guests

Reviews from our guest book are shared below. But first a big, thank you to everyone who has decided to include Winds’s Will in their vacation plans. If you are ever back in Boothbay Harbor, let’s go sailing again!


A Few Notes From the Guest Book

Sailing near Boothbay Harbor, Maine - Read our reviews!– It was so beautiful. Thank you for taking me on a gorgeous sail!

– Wonderful early morning cruise a real unexpected treat on our short stay. Unique experience with great company personable and skilled.

– Beautiful Sunrise sail!! Thank you for a great memory of our visit!! It was a great experience!

– Thanks for the lovely sail! Sunrise was worth the 4am alarm.

– This was the best trip ever! You are a consummate sailor and a great captain! As a guide to Maine, you showed us things we’d never have experienced by ourselves! Also, you went out of your way to show us so much hospitality and kindness: the boat, the berths, the meals, and every other detail was amazing! Thanks for teaching navigational skills, ropes, etc. (overnight guest)

– Thank you so much for the wonderful sail. We will always remember the whale.

– What a wonderful afternoon! thank you for sharing this beautiful weekend and your knowledge with us.