What Else?

What else does Midcoast Sailing Company do?

Sailing charters aboard Wind’s Will are just one aspect of Midcoast Sailing Company.

Great day sailing at Boothbay Harbor  Maine

  • Would you like to freshen up your sailing skills? Then hire Captain Stanley to run you through the lines. Captain Stanley offers private sailing lessons to groups or individuals. 
  • Are you thinking about buying a sailboat in the mid coast Maine region?  Contact Captain Stanley to take a look at it with you.
  • Have you recently purchased a sailboat?  Captain Stanley is happy to take you out for a shake-down sail to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Want your boat safely transported down south for the winter or up north for the spring? Then hire the captain for the delivery.
  • Captain Stanley has a great talent for marlin spike work including but not limited to: Short Splice, Long Splice, Eye Splice, Back Splice, East Coast Taper, Seizing, Whipping.  A marlin spike is a  metal cone shaped tool, made from iron or steel used for separating strands of rope or wire. Ask Captain Stanley to show you some of his work.